Mperks great deals this week!

Now for those of you using Mperks there are some great deals this week. For those of you who don’t it’s easy to sign up, you just need a cell phone that receives standard text messages. You sign up, create a password and start “clipping” coupons. When you’re in meijer, hit mperks on the touch screen or credit card machine, type in your phone number, enter the password you created and Wa-La you’re digital coupons are right there in their system. Quick and easy way for awesome coupons 🙂


$1 off meijer paper towel any size = 0.29 for a single roll

$2 off meijer toilet paper any size = 0.99 for 4 rolls! or just 0.25 per roll!!

$0.50 off Sunkist Grape or Strawberry soda… typically these go on sale for 1.00 making your total 0.60 for a 2liter WITH deposit!

$1 off 1  twelve pack Dr Pepper TEN.. these go on sale right around 3.00 making it just 2.00 for a twelve pack or just under 0.17 cents a can!

$0.60 off of 3 Old El paso products makes for cheap taco seasoning!


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